How to Select The Right Local Interior Designers

Lots of choices can be confusing if you don’t have a clue as to what exactly you’re looking for in local interior designers. Your choice of the right designer is very important, because this is someone whom you’d spend several months working together. It’s important that they do your job right.

And the good thing with local interior designers is that they offer you guidance on what design, planning and construction decisions you ought to make. These decisions can overwhelm you if you’re doing everything on your own – like a do-it-yourself enthusiast.

Local interior designers have knowledge of the area, and can help you find the right materials and professionals. They can assist you to draw plans to re-decorate your rooms, to re-design your home or to fit a new kitchen or bathroom. They can also offer advice on things like choice of paint color, source of fabrics, lighting, space planning or shopping of furniture.

While it takes lots of effort and time to find the right local interior designers, location-based freelance websites such as efii has made it easier and faster for you to connect with them. With your laptop or smartphone device, you can complete the recruitment process in a significantly shorter period than if you do traditional process.

The idea of hiring and working with local interior designers shouldn’t scare you. This guide provides you with tips on what could help you become comfortable with the idea of working with them. Read on to find out.

The Right Place to Find Them

Searching for local interior designers isn’t as straightforward as looking up for their contacts or addresses from directories or your phone book. Neither is doing a quick search on Google, Bing or Yahoo. You need to keep in mind three things:

1.Look for interior designs or designers you can relate with. It’s important to find the right design – a design that fits your style. One way to find your taste is to visit showhouses or model houses, which local interior designers host. Select a look that’s in sync with your taste, style or preference. Write down the name or contact of the person who created that look.

2.Seek for referrals from your family, neighbors or friends. Your friend, family member or a friend is likely to have sought the help of an interior designer. Act like a detective. Ask them about what their experience with the local interior designers is. If it’s positive, write down their names and contacts.

3.Make use of professional organizations. One effective way to find out about the professionalism of an interior designer is whether they belong to a professional body. Your local area is likely to have a chapter or branch of a professional organization. You can look up the names and contacts of local interior designers on member’s list. Select the ones you think meet your requirements.

Proof of Professionalism

One way to find out about the professionalism of an interior designer is look into their credentials – certifications and degrees. An interior designer with a certificate means that relevant authorities regulate their practice. If you want a guarantee of good results, local interior designers with higher degree and certification levels are a good go-to. In addition, find out whether their certificates and degrees are genuine. Investigate whether they’ve fulfilled the requirements of local accreditation societies.

Budget Requirements

It’s a good idea to estimate the size and scope of your project to know much the whole project would cost. You can also factor in emergency funds. This would save from you from running out of money when the project isn’t complete. Requesting for quotes from your local interior designers can go a long way in helping you to budget properly. You can even make it a requirement for candidates to have willingness to work on milestones rather than entire project. Decide with your interior designer what payment structure works for you – hourly, fixed price, cost-plus or a mix of all these.


Regular, up-to-date communication is crucial for project success. Your local interior designers should keep you updated on the ongoings of the project even when you’re not around. Luckily, communication apps with text messaging and video chat features are available.

Some task management and time-tracking apps can even alert you on when your interior designer is supposed to complete a certain milestone or meet with you. Most importantly, you should be happy and content with what your interior designer proposes. If not, let them know.

Your Style

Consider whether local interior designers are able to tailor their designs to your needs. As bespoke as they may be, they result from a thorough consultation with your designer. Hence, be open about your decor tastes as much as possible. Select an interior designer who’s able to include every aspect of your considerations into their design, not those who use signature looks. A designer’s portfolio can reveal what their style is; choose the one who can fit your style.

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