A Post by Kirk Chewning Details Why He Chose to Incorporate in the Virgin Islands

Cane Bay Partners is one of the United States Virgin Islands’ best known and most successful consulting firms. As a co-founder of and partner in that company, Kirk Chewning wrote an in-depth post detailing why the Virgin Islands were chosen as its headquarters. A quick look at Chewning’s thinking will reveal some impressive ways by which the Virgin Islands excels in this respect.

A Popular Location for Competitive, Modern Companies

Although the United States Virgin Islands is probably best known for tourism, it is also home to quite a few of the world’s most sophisticated and successful businesses. There are plenty of good reasons to consider incorporating in the Virgin Islands, a number of which Chewning delved into in his post. In particular, corporate leaders often find the Virgin Islands a desirable place to put down roots because of issues like:

  • Innovation. Virtually all of the most successful modern companies make ongoing innovation a core part of their missions. Failing to innovate and come up with new, better ways to address challenges will inevitably mean giving up ground to competitors. Over the years, the Virgin Islands has developed a culture of innovation in business that rivals any to be found anywhere else. Having access to other professionals who understand the value and importance of innovation will always be beneficial to businesses founded by those who do the same.
  • Leadership. Building a successful, influential business from the ground up always takes a great deal of work. It also requires the leadership of people who understand how to set far-off goals and guide others to achieve them. Once again, the Virgin Islands has become widely recognized as a place where many talented, effective leaders can be found. For companies that set up presences of any kind there, that means having access to individuals who can lead entire groups to accomplish truly impressive things.

Good Reasons for Many Firms to Choose the Virgin Islands

For reasons like these and many others, the United States Virgin Islands is increasingly viewed as a place that is especially welcoming and hospitable to international businesses. Choosing to incorporate in the Virgin Islands, as Chewning and his partners did, can make everything that follows quite a bit easier.

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